RV/House Trailer Endorsement

ICBC Licensed

ICBC Licensed

All of our instructors are ICBC licensed

Hands-On Training

practical hands on training on a house trailer vehicle

Safety Approved

Our lessons are done in a safety approved vehicle

M ost who purchase a new camper trailer, or upgrade to a larger unit are TrailerParkexcited about getting out and experiencing all that our magnificent region has to offer. In light of this euphoria, operators need to be aware that authorities require drivers to successfully pass both a written and practical exam for any trailer exceeding 4,600 kilograms (10,000 lbs). Although advances in materials and design have made trailers lighter, the addition of numerous creature comforts and slides have significantly increased overall weights. Be sure you know the weight of your unit by getting it weighed at a public scale.

ICBC Regulations

  • Recreational (house) trailers exceeding 4,600 kilograms provided neither the truck nor the trailer has air brakes
  • Any motor vehicle or combination of vehicles in Class 5

Learning Curve

F or new drivers obtaining their house trailer endorsement, the pre-trip inspection House Trailer presents a challenge. A pre-trip inspection however, is the key to a safe vehicle while driving on the highway. A pre-trip inspection can also save the owner’s expenses on the highway by detecting problems before she begins her journey. Also, the increased weight of the vehicle, reduced acceleration and longer braking distances require the driver to acquire new skills that will allow her to make adjustments for the combination vehicle’s unique handling characteristics. Further, the driver will now be dealing with larger blind spots and will need to adjust her driving accordingly. And owing to the increased height of the vehicle, drivers need to develop an awareness of low bridges, overpasses, covers over fuel stations, and other projections from buildings which may potentially damage the unit.


T he house trailer endorsement course trains the student to conduct a comprehensive pre-trip inspection, back the unit safely, and drive defensively. The driver also learns new skills that will allow them to safely manoeuvre the vehicle on the highway, in city traffic, and in confined spaces such as campgrounds and fuelling stations.

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