1. Drive at the posted speed limit or with the flow of traffic, whichever is less – in cities, the speed limit is 50km/hr unless otherwise posted, on highways, the speed is 80km/hr unless otherwise posted
  2. Shoulder check, shoulder check & shoulder check some more: a shoulder check is turning the head 90° in the direction of the turn
  3. When in doubt, give the right of way
  4. Know your stopping positions at both controlled & uncontrolled intersections
  5. Maintain at least a 2-second following distance
  6. Know your slow-speed manoeuvres (parallel parking, reverse stall park, 3-point turns, and emergency stops)
  7. Stop behind traffic so you can see the tires of the vehicle in front on the pavement
  8. Do NOT change lanes on solid white lines
  9. Do a pre-trip inspection on your vehicle prior to showing up for your road test
    • Valid licence & insurance
    • Both front and rear licence plate are attached
    • All lights are working: blinkers (front & back), brake lights (all 3), headlights
    • Primary controls (steering, brakes, accelerator) all working
    • Glass is clean
    • No obstructions or distractions: for example, tissue box on the dash or bottles rolling around on the floor
  10. Have your learner’s licence, secondary piece of identification and money for ICBC licencing and road test fees – approximately $120.00